Do you really need a furnace tune-up?

by Pierce Refrigeration

Posted on August 28, 2018 at 11:30 AM

Maintain your heating system now with Pierce Refrigeration.

It can be awfully hard to think about fall and winter when it’s a perfectly warm and sunny summer day. August provides us with the final moments of inspiration that push us through those dreary winter days, but sadly they must eventually come to an end. We don’t write this to depress you, but rather we have your best interest at heart. It’s time to start thinking about scheduling a furnace tune-up. Now, after all, is the best time to schedule one as there are still many appointment times available and everyone isn’t rushing to have it done at the same time.

Save money by tuning up your HVAC system before there is a problem.

Perhaps you’re wondering if your furnace actually needs preventative maintenance. It might seem like an unnecessary precaution, but it is our hope that we can sway you otherwise. A furnace tune-up can save you an enormous amount of time and energy down the line. Not to mention, the precaution of a tune-up keeps your family safer from everything from a startling potential fire to a surreptitious carbon monoxide leak.

A furnace tune-up will provide you with proper airflow which is essential to keeping your home comfortable. This also, in addition to other factors, ensures that your system is running efficiently. This piece of information is very appealing to those who have concern for the environment, but it is important to note that a system that runs efficiently will also provide the lowest heating bill.

Pierce Refrigeration’s service technicians are factory trained experts.

Speaking of money, a tune-up is far more than a repair. Once your system has broken down the problem often metastasizes. What was once a minor issue could turn into a financial burden for you and your family. Maintenance is the best way to avoid this sort of happenstance and will also keep your furnace running longer. In addition to lasting longer you will also enjoy the benefits of your manufacturer's warranty. Most warranties only apply if the owner provides proof of annual tune-ups.

Avoid the hassle of no heat by maintaining your furnace with Pierce Refrigeration.

You don’t want the first cold snap to arrive and have no heat or worse.You could get sick living in that cold of a home! Sometimes issues can show themselves in horrible ways such as clanging and banging or even a rotten egg smell; Yuck! Take care of these potential issues now and you won’t have to worry!

Still not convinced to plan ahead? Well, there is still some time in summer and you probably want to keep cool, yes? Well we will also check to be certain that your thermostat is working properly and your thermostat is central to many comfort issues regardless of whether it’s controlling your AC or furnace at the time. You’ll be more comfortable now and for many months to come. Contact us today!

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