What Is In A Commercial HVAC Technician’s Job Description?

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Posted on January 27, 2019 at 10:30 AM

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By understanding the skillset a qualified HVAC technician is expected to bring to a job gives those of us hiring these professionals the ability to pick the best HVAC companies.

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Once upon a time, you hired an air conditioner repair expert or a heating specialist, but today’s sophisticated, energy-efficient HVAC equipment requires the factory training and A-to-Z oversight of a full-service HVAC contractor.

Why not tell my virtual assistant to hire an HVAC contractor near me?
Building a list of qualified local HVAC companies servicing the area of Massachusetts you live or work in is the easy part. That’s why a virtual assistant can do it for you. Before you call to get free estimates on your project, you need to educate yourself about the people you’re hiring.

Basic Qualifications

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Each state defines by its own terms what a person needs to do to be a practicing, qualified HVAC technician. This article gives specific guidance to homeowners and business owners who need to hire the best heating & cooling repair and service teams in Massachusetts.

To get a job as an HVAC technician in Massachusetts, an applicant must have a Massachusetts Refrigeration License, which requires:

  • A high school diploma or equivalency (GED or proficiency exam)
  • A $75 application and processing fee
  • A CFC Certification required by the Environmental Protection Agency demonstrating a mastery of proper handling of refrigerants


Pierce Refrigeration offers customers preventative maintenance agreements that provide peace of mind and outstanding service for your HVAC equipment.

There are a lot of different HVAC certifications—some are required and others are voluntary. The main reason for such variance is the heating & cooling equipment and systems used throughout the country vary from climate to climate. A skilled HVAC technician in Pembroke Pines, Florida needs to understand different types of equipment than a tech in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts, especially if the heating & cooling technicians don’t share the same specialty.

One important HVAC qualification to look for is factory certifications. When an HVAC contractor uses factory-certified HVAC technicians, it means the manufacturer directly trained the techs on how to install, assess, and repair its particular HVAC equipment. This type of approval by the manufacturer is a solid way to safeguard your equipment warranty.

Knowledgeable and motivated heating and cooling technicians are going to be graduates of an HVAC technical school and demand the most competitive HVAC salaries and job opportunities. When choosing an HVAC contractor, installer, and service provider, don’t necessarily go with the lowest bidder. Ask yourself: “How can this HVAC company do work for so cheap?” Chances are, they’re cutting corners somewhere.

Customer Service

Pierce Refrigeration in West Bridgewater has served Southeastern Massachusetts for more than 80 years. Our HVAC jobs and opportunities are sought after by highly skilled and educated HVAC technicians with factory certification.

Any cheap HVAC companies that make it through your research filter will certainly show their true colors in the interview! The final stage of the hiring process is always a face to face with a representative from the HVAC company. Since a lot of HVAC technician training happens on the job, you’re not just hiring a single tech, you’re hiring the entire HVAC service provider.

Any HVAC contractor who tries to give you a quote without an onsite evaluation should immediately be crossed off the list. How can they sell you the correct furnace, for instance, without seeing your home or commercial space? There’s more that goes into indoor comfort than square footage.

The at-home evaluation gives the HVAC contractor a chance to accurately assess and give an estimate for the heating and cooling installation, maintenance, or repair you need. It also gives you the perfect opportunity to get a feel for how it will be working with the particular HVAC company.

Don’t ever feel pressured into anything. You decide if the company employees you interact with are friendly and trustworthy enough to manage your family or employees’ indoor air quality and comfort.

A free estimate from a local HVAC company should explain how much equipment and labor will cost, the payment schedule, and any other details about the project. Legitimate HVAC contractors will never let this verbal quote be the final word and will provide a written estimate before beginning a project.

The HVAC company representative who does the at-home evaluation should be knowledge and friendly when answering your questions. Part of great customer service is saving customers money on energy costs, including offering ENERGY STAR-rated HVAC equipment so you can save on long-term energy costs. She or he should be able to tell you about money-saving deals through MassSave, The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, and the GasNetworks Gas Rebate Program to start. In addition, manufacturers offer their own unique deals, such as the Carrier® New England A/C Upgrade program, and there’s also many different avenues for financing, including through MassSave’s residential HEAT Loan program.

Another good indicator of a dependable HVAC contractor is a service plan. HVAC companies that stand by their work offer priority service programs that include scheduled maintenance, priority emergency service, and other benefits for year-round comfort.

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