Keep Your Home Safe from COVID

by Pierce Refrigeration

Posted on October 22, 2020 at 9:10 AM

Keep your home almost virus-free with a room or whole house air purifier.

Installing air purifiers in your home is one of the most effective solutions for keeping your home safe from COVID. Air purifiers can filter out 95% of air pollutants and 99% of the viruses and bacteria found in your home, including COVID.

Prior to the COVID pandemic, the EPA released a report showing that Americans are spending about 90% of their time indoors. With COVID, this percentage is likely higher. Air pollutants are roughly 2-5 times higher indoors than outdoors, too. Over the last few decades this number has increased as a result of insufficient home ventilation leading to weak air exchange.

As you and your family head into winter, we know keeping your home safe from COVID is a top priority. With many air purifiers on the market, understanding what features to look for is important.

Below we have listed key features to look for as you search for an air purifier:

MERV 15 Air Filter

Make sure to purchase an air purifier that includes a MERV 15 air filter. MERV is an acronym for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, and productivity ratings range on a scale from 1 to 20. A MERV 15 filter collects particles greater than one micrometer and is the benchmark for hospitals and laboratories.

Tested and Certified to Capture COVID-19

With technological advancements surging as the world seeks to end the pandemic, there are more innovative air purifiers on the market. Find an air purifier that has been tested and certified to capture COVID.

Remember to read the instructions for your air purifier to learn how often filters need to be replaced for proper performance.

Continuing to schedule routine maintenance checks, along with the investment of an air purifier, can help ensure you and your family are breathing clean air. We continue to safely provide service and maintenance visits while following strict COVID protocol.

Other measures you can take to improve the air quality of your home include:

Make the inside of your home as fresh as the outside with an air purifier from Pierce Refrigeration.
  • Opening windows to increase ventilation
  • Use hand sanitizer and continue to wash your hands regularly
  • Wipe down commonly touched surfaces like doorknobs and countertops
  • Limit encounters with the general public, and maintaining a distance of six feet or more
  • Clean or replace your air filters monthly

As we approach winter, with cooler temperatures on the horizon, it is important to remain educated and informed about the latest information regarding COVID.

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