Turn summertime into comfortable-time.

Thinking about a new (or replacement) air conditioning system?

Pierce’s team of trained and certified technicians perform installations and upgrades — both big and small — in homes both new and old. Any home can be made more comfortable…and today’s new, efficient systems are not always as expensive as you might think.

Learn more about:

Central air conditioning

Ductless split systems

Greenspeed systems

Heat pumps

Looking for real pros to service your existing system?

Pierce technicians work with almost all types of cooling systems including

  • forced air
  • ductless split
  • heat pumps
  • high-velocity systems

We also service and install ventilation, humidity control and air filtering systems. We can even assist you in selecting/installing the right room air conditioner or a mobile home system.

Learn more about our “peace of mind” preventative maintenance plans.