Soften the harsh New England winters.

New technology keeps your family more comfortable.

Today’s higher natural gas and oil prices are changing the way local homeowners look at their heating systems. Technologically advanced furnaces and boilers can save up to 56% on your annual energy costs.

Pierce’s consultants and technicians can help you select just the right heating system for your family—and for your budget.

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Gas furnaces

Heat pumps

Ductless split systems

Greenspeed systems

Looking for real pros to service your existing system?

Even if your furnace is not in need of replacing, a professional tune-up by a skilled expert can save 20-25% or more on your fuel bill each month. But it takes a well-trained technician to bring your system to its peak operating level.

Our techs are carefully selected, factory trained and full certified. They don’t do plumbing or “other things.” They’re your heating experts, and they’ll work to meet your needs, not theirs.

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