Pierce Refrigeration has been serving Southeastern, MA for over 80 years.

Heating & cooling pros for Southeastern Massachusetts.

Heating & Cooling pros for
Southeastern Massachusetts.

There is a difference between heating and air conditioning contractors for homes and businesses.

And that’s the reason you should choose Pierce.

  • Unlike many other HVAC companies, Pierce doesn’t simply repair and replace furnaces or air conditioning components. We focus on your family’s comfort, and work with you to meet your specific needs—whether it be cooling, heating, or the quality of your inside air.
  • Unlike many other HVAC companies, we don’t stretch ourselves thin doing plumbing or electrical work.
  • And unlike many other HVAC companies, Pierce has been doing this for almost 80 years.

The Pierce team focuses entirely on heating, air conditioning and indoor air quality. We understand these technologies, work with them every day, and our people are factory-trained and fully certified. Whether gas furnaces, central air conditioning, ductless heating and air conditioning, or whole-house indoor air quality systems, we have the expertise and experience to help you make the right decision — and to install and service those systems the right way, every time.