Does leaf buildup cause HVAC drain line problems?

A pile of leaves in the fall

New England is known for its beautiful fall leaves, but if they are left unattended and then buildup around your outdoor HVAC unit, it can affect your system’s efficiency and longevity. Clogged drain lines can lead to a host of problems that many home or business owners aren’t aware of. However, these issues are easily avoidable, and in this blog, we will help you understand the problem and give you some suggestions on how to prevent yard debris from clogging your drain line.

What is the purpose of drain lines?

Drain lines play a vital role in removing excess moisture from an HVAC system. They provide a funnel for the humidity and condensation to exit the system. Proper draining prevents potential system damage and mold growth and promotes efficient operation. When functioning properly, drain lines help maintain a balanced humidity level within your home, ensuring a comfortable and healthy living environment. 

What clogs an HVAC drain line?

Dust, dirt, and other debris can accumulate over time within the drain line pipe, which then blocks the system’s ability to eject excess moisture. When there are blockages from debris, this is a breeding ground for algae and mold, which then causes more severe blockages.

How does leaf buildup block the drain line?

During the fall season, leaves tend to accumulate around outdoor HVAC units. The drain line outlet is outdoors, and therefore, as leaves accumulate, they can block the drain line’s ability to let excess humidity exit out of the system. 

What happens when a drain line is blocked?

Neglecting leaf buildup around your HVAC unit drain line can have many consequences. Your system will have to overwork to and be unable to function as efficiently (which will increase your energy bills); water damage and other breakdowns are also common. Additionally, the increased humidity can cause mold growth, which poses health risks for the inhabitants of your home. All of these factors combined can reduce the longevity of your system.

Taking proactive steps to prevent leaf buildup around your outdoor HVAC unit can go a long way in maintaining its optimal performance.

What can you do?

Taking proactive steps to prevent leaf buildup around your outdoor HVAC unit can go a long way in maintaining its optimal performance. Here are some suggestions:

Trimming Vegetation:

By trimming back trees, shrubs, and other plants near your outdoor HVAC unit, you will reduce the amount of debris that collects around the drain line.

Install a Cover, Fence, or Leaf Guard:

Some covers are specifically designed to protect your unit from debris. You can also use a fence (be sure to follow safety protocols) to minimize the amount of leaves that blow up against your outdoor unit. Installing a leaf guard on the top of the unit can help prevent leaves from entering the system while maintaining proper airflow.

Regular Inspection:

Consistently check your unit to see if there’s any buildup and remove it in a timely manner.

Professional Maintenance:

Scheduling regular maintenance appointments in the fall with an experienced HVAC technician will ensure that your drain lines are clean and functional.

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