Spring Cleaning Checklist for New Homeowners

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Congratulations on becoming a new homeowner! Staying ahead on all of the new homeowner responsibilities might seem overwhelming. Follow our spring cleaning checklist to help you stay organized this spring. 

1. Scheduling AC Maintenance 

Before summer heat kicks in, make sure your AC is in good working order to keep your home cool when the heat is at its peak. Annual maintenance services will give you the confidence to know your Air conditioner is performing optimally and efficiently. During a routine maintenance check you can expect that the entire unit will be inspected, cleaned, and tested. To learn more about why scheduling your AC tune-up is important, head over to our blog on this topic here

Pierce Refrigeration’s Preventative Maintenance Plan is the most cost-effective subscription program you can buy for your HVAC system.

2. Changing Air Filters 

Depending on the heating and cooling system you have in your home, air filter specifications will vary. Regardless, changing air filters regularly is important for keeping indoor air quality high and protecting against seasonal spring allergies. Most air filters can be purchased online and are easy to replace. During your system’s next maintenance check, your Pierce inspector can show you how to replace your filters. 

3. Cleaning Commonly Forgotten Items 

It is easy to forget that  kitchen mats, bathmats, area rugs, decorative pillows, and blankets need washing too. Accumulation of dust, allergy particles, and pollutants congregate on these surfaces and can lead to feeling congested inside your home. Check the machine-wash instructions for each item to understand how to practice proper care.

4. Landscaping 

Spring cleaning isn’t just for inside our home. Cleaning up piles of leaves, fallen branches, and overgrown plants around your home is important for both your HVAC and personal safety. The immediate area surrounding your outdoor HVAC unit needs special care in order to operate without overheating. 

Of course, make sure pathways are unobstructed and that drains are cleared to prevent flooding. 

5. Checking Vents 

Temperature preferences often lead to some air vents throughout a home being closed. While it might provide a quick solution to someone running hot or cold, HVACs are installed with every vent in mind. Opening each air vent to allow for air flow to be evenly distributed throughout the home is important for the lifetime and efficiency of your HVAC.

6. Updating Programmed Thermostat Schedule 

With the warmer days ahead and seasons changing, lifestyle patterns might be changing too. Adjusting the programmed schedule of your home’s thermostat is a preventative step in conserving energy and maximizing efficiency. 

7. Dust Ceiling Fans and Adjust Rotation 

Air Conditioning energy bills are often expensive, so taking advantage of cost-effective cooling measures is a great way to save. Remember that ceiling fans often accumulate dust over time. Be sure to clean them to limit the spread of dust in your home. Also, make sure your fans are operating on a counter-clockwise rotation to ensure cool air is being pushed down.

From installation to maintenance and repair, the #1 job of our HVAC technicians is to keep your heating, cooling, and air quality systems running at the performance standards of the manufacturer.

For more general tips and reminders regarding power outages, mass.gov shares Power Outage Safety Tips.

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