What is smart home technology?

Woman using an ipad to control her thermostat

Our world today is enmeshed with smart technology. Most of us have a supercomputer in our pocket that can answer any question in seconds and connect us to people on the other side of the planet. So, if a smartphone can give us that power, what can a smart home do? Smart home technology allows us to control the functions of our home with the touch of a button from virtually anywhere in the world. 

How it Works

With either a smartphone, tablet, or computer connected to Wi-Fi, you can adjust settings and schedule routines for most electronic devices in your home. Smart home technology has seamless communication and data exchange between devices, creating an intelligent, interconnected living space. Examples of devices you can control through smart technology are thermostats, door locks, televisions, cameras, and lights.

Smart home technology can connect you with the appliances in your home to increase effectiveness and efficiency.

Benefits of Smart Home Technology

  • Energy Efficiency: When you’re not home, you can ensure that systems like your HVAC system automatically (or manually from your device) adjust. You can avoid wasting energy or overtaxing your electronics.
  • Savings: Energy efficiency and savings go hand in hand. When your electronic systems run efficiently, you save money on energy bills.
  • Sustainability: Like savings, energy efficiency and sustainability are intricately connected. The improved efficiency created by smart technology is excellent for the environment!
  • Convenience: You don’t have to stress if you forget to do something before leaving the house. For example, say you forgot to adjust the thermostat before heading off for a vacation; you can change the thermostat schedule from anywhere, as long as there’s Wi-Fi. 
  • Safety: Smart home technology allows you to lock doors, monitor your home, adjust electronics that could overheat, and so much more.
Homeowners can utilize smart thermostats to save on energy bills and improve indoor comfort.

How far does smart technology go?

As an HVAC company, we’ll use the example of smart thermostats to elaborate on the power of smart home technology. Smart thermostats have evolved to include innovative features such as geofencing technology. Geofencing thermostats map out a virtual boundary around your property using GPS coordinates. The thermostat will then communicate with every smartphone in a household to assess what spaces are occupied or if anyone is within the geofenced area. This process allows the thermostat to adjust based on more than just indoor temperature or predetermined schedules. The thermostat is so smart that it will change temperature based on occupancy. It will also track your habits and adjust the temperature based on the habits of you and your household. Not to mention the fluctuations between temperatures are smooth, which helps your system function better. Of course, geofencing thermostats take your preferences into account, but these advanced features allow for optimal energy efficiency and minimal taxation on your system. Geofencing smart thermostats is just one example of the power of smart technology and how it can transform your day-to-day life.

There are seemingly endless ways that smart technology can benefit you. We stay on top of  technological advancements within the heating and cooling sector of smart technology. Reach out to our team to discuss integrating smart thermostats into your home. 

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